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Our elegant brochure for 6 John Street
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17 February 2016

G&T’s passion is executing remarkable property projects in special places. Each one is carefully selected, ambitiously conceived, luxuriously appointed and immaculately finished.

But, more than that, G&T is transforming these spaces into enriched and comprehensive homes. Design development projects which sit under the G&T banner are all developed with the unique character of the places they inhabit, as expressed by this design execution for 6 John Street.

An elegant book, that embodies G&T’s heart and soul values, was produced using a beautifully crafted combination of gold foils and blind-deboss techniques on printed fabric, using highly-skilled foilers. The precision and subtlety of this production technique ties back into engaing curiousity of the brand.

Conceptually we used 
numbers to uncover visual and verbal brand storytelling, relating to the development. For example, "58,000 hours of specialist construction work to restore 6 John Street", or "It took our team 972 hours to source the furnishings, travelling 13,500 miles to meet suppliers and review prices. This narrative approach exemplifies the level of detail that G&T put into every single part of the project. Illustrative characters help narrate the journey through beautiful Bloomsbury and G&T’s distinctive development.

A G&T home should connect with its location and reflect its owners way of life. And 6 John Street is no different. A personal curated approach to the area that 6 John Street inhabits, is demonstrated by use of the 'little black book', highlighting exciting hotspots within the locale, connecting the building to its community. 

Pure DNA art directed engaging editorial area photography that not only embraced the character of Bloomsbury, but amplified it further.